Hair care in Perfect way:

Hair is unavoidable part of our life. We spend more on how to style it to look perfect. If proper hair care is absent, then the chances of loosing your hair styling is very near.

Common issues with Hair care is Hair Fall, Dry Hair, Hair Damage.

Basharashop, Your Beauty Expert recommends the methods to treat you hair well.

First of all we will start from the scalp and root of the hair.

Dry scalp causes itching and thereby dandruff.

We need to give proper care for the scalp to get rid of itchiness and dandruff.

Best recommended product to survive from itchiness and dandruff is Maxon Hair Masque treatment.

Use Maxon Hair masque once in two days to give good healthy scalp and hair roots.

For frizzy hair, Maxon Hair Care Oil: For the Dry and Frizzy Hair, Recommended to use twice a week. Massage on your head and hair, leave it for 20minutes minimum. and wash off with MAXON ultra care shampoo.


For Hair Fall Treatment: Maxon Hair Rejuven Ampoules, It is specially formulated hair scalp treatment with serum. This special formula stimulates the hair follicles to grow and thereby new hair will come. It is recommended to use once a day. 

To treat the hair fall and stimulates the hair follicles internally we recommend, Glowradiance Hair folikle Capsules. This Hair Vitamin supplement is recommended to eat once a in a day before having the meal.