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GlowRadiance Defy Powder is powerful anti-ageing powder works at the cell s core to transform your looks and supercharge your complexion. Like a rejuvenating facial, Defy leaves your skin luxuriously smoothed and softened. Reduces wrinkles and increases skin suppleness Contains high concentration of hydrolyzed collagen, high amino acid profile, and hyaluronic acid. Indication - Dull and lifeless skin - Sagged and aged skin - Fine and deep wrinkles - Post Botox and fillers. - Dehydrated skin - Prevention of wrinkles - Part of Daily skin care regimen Composition - Hydrolyzed collagen - High amino acid profile - Hyaluronic acid - Grape seed extract Effects - Reduce wrinkles (depth & length) - Improve skin suppleness - Prevent deep wrinkles Specifications - High concentration of Hydrolysed collagen (5000 mg/dose) - Easy to swallow - Tasteless - Dissolves easy therefore fast absorption - Can be mixed with milk or juices

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