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MAXON Posty Cream repairs dry, damaged and irritated skin with its transforming recovery formula. Enriched with all the goodness and hydrating properties of vitamins B5 and E, as well as pine and calendula extracts, this nourishing cream is a miracle-worker for sensitive skin, a healing treatment for minor cuts and peeling skin, and a soothing saviour for skin post a variety of procedures. Nourishes and hydrates your skin Suitable for minor cuts and razor burn, and post waxing, dermal fillers, injections and plastic surgery The product enhances the healing process of damaged skin: - Peeling - Minor cuts - Waxing - Scalpel work - Dermal filler - Plastic surgeries - Dermabrasions - Razor burn - Moisturizing & Calming (Xylitol, Vitamin E, Panthenol, Chamomile extract) - Repairing & Restoring (Niacinamide, Oat extract) - Reduce bruises (Arnica montana, Flavanoids, Calendula extract)

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